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Software for transport

GTi is an application designed for the management of all processes in a Parcel Transport Company, using all new available technology to do so.

The need to integrate all the processes in a Transport Company, both internal (collection, dispatch, distribution, delivery, etc.) and in terms of customer relations (tracking website and documentation), has made GTi the solution that allows every Agency to maximise its productivity.

01. Transport ERP software

  • Collection Management
  • Output receipts. Proofs of delivery, labels, road maps, contract of carriage
  • Goods In Management. Proofs of delivery, road maps
  • Delivery management. Allocation, delivery and payment
  • Incidences and customer care
  • Generation of Invoices and integration into accounts
  • Refund Management
  • Generation of payments with Agencies
  • Reporting
  • ADR Management

02. Proof of Delivery Scanning

  • Definition of barcodes by organisation
  • Scanning of proofs of delivery from multiple organisations
  • Scanning of transport proofs of delivery and the customer’s proof of delivery
  • Automatic publication of the proofs of delivery on the Company Website
  • Instant delivery update at the time of proof of delivery scanning

03. Tracking website and documentation

  • Dispatch status inquiry
  • Dispatch status download
  • Inquiries for and downloads of the PODs
  • Proof of delivery recording
  • Generation of labels and reports
  • Integrated into the Transport ERP software

04. Delivery and collection App

  • Collection management
  • Management of the deliveries to be made
  • Incident entry
  • Taking of photographs associated with an incident
  • Integrated into the Transport ERP software in real time

05. Parcel tracking

  • PGoods verification at the various stages: collection, dispatch, transit and delivery.
  • Status and defect reports
  • Integration with the Transport ERP software

06. Integration with agencies

  • Definition of the agencies worked with
  • File-based automatic import of dispatches
  • Generation of files with the status of each dispatch received (in warehouse, out for delivery, delivered)
  • Generation of files of incidences in the dispatch process
  • Sending of PODs
  • Option for manual or programmed sending at a given interval.
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